Intrigue Box Set Dec 2023/Conard County

Killer In The Storm/Murder In Texas/Misty Hollow Massacre/Secrets Of Silverpeak Mine/Always Watching/Homicide At Vincent Vineyard

Carol Ericson and Others
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Mills & Boon Intrigue — Seek thrills. Solve crimes. Justice served.

Conard County: Killer In The Storm - Rachel Lee

She’s usually the protector, will she accept his protection?

A whiteout blizzard leaves Deputy Artie Jackson no choice but to take Boyd Connor into her home. Maybe getting this stoic combat veteran to talk about his demons will distract her from her own. Their halting trust in each other takes on a new urgency when Artie starts getting threats against her life. As they search for her stalkers, will they find their way to each other?

Murder In Texas - Barb han

The last woman he wants…is the only one he needs.

On leave from the military, Dillen Bullard confronts his estranged father’s death — and is sure it was no accident, as the cops claim. It was murder. Unfortunately for the troubled army ranger, a woman from his past, the very rich Liz Hayes, compounds the mystery. Though he once thoroughly disliked the ‘princess,’ now he’ll investigate with her despite her crucial memory loss. Before long, he’s saving her life. And risking his heart.

Misty Hollow Massacre - Carol Ericson

Working as a team, can they stop a killer targeting their hometown?

Child psychologist Hannah Maddox’s father once helped send the man she loved to prison. Now Jed Swain is free and back on Dead Falls Island to clear his name. Until his accuser is murdered and Jed again becomes the prime suspect. Hannah knows Jed is innocent, and before long, so do the locals. But when another single mother is found dead, Hannah must convince Jed to trust her before a killer turns their focus on them.

Secrets Of Silverpeak Mine - Cindi Myers

He can’t keep his secrets if he wants to save her…

Search and rescue rookie Caleb Garrison has just retrieved a skeleton from a mine shaft. Forensic reconstructionist Danielle Priest wants to give this Jane Doe a face. Even though he’s intensely attracted to Danielle, Caleb knows that his past makes a new relationship impossible — especially with a woman expecting a baby. But when their investigation puts Danielle in danger, he’ll stop at nothing to protect her and her child.

Always Watching - Julie Anne Lindsey

Is she being paranoid? Or facing a deadly threat?

Suspecting she’s being followed, Scarlet Wills hires local PI Austin Beaumont. But when a brutal attack lands Scarlet in the hospital, it’s clear they’re up against a rapidly escalating threat. Posing as lovers ignites passion that threatens their determination to keep things strictly professional. And they’re running out of time to catch someone who’ll stop at nothing to make Scarlet his…

Homicide At Vincent Vineyard - Denise N. Wheatley

A case from the past could change their future.

New chief of police Jake Love is just settling in when information on a cold case pops up. Bringing closure to the murder at Vincent Vineyard is his top priority. And having his girlfriend, Ella Bowman, at his side helping with the investigation should have drawn them even closer. But when Ella’s connection to the powerful family leads to threats, the truth’s revelation might destroy them both.

1 December
Mills & Boon Intrigue
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