Intrigue Box Set Nov 2022/Conard County

Christmas Crime Spree/Eagle Mountain Cliffhanger/Small Town Vanishing/Wyoming Winter Rescue/Presumed Dead/Police Dog Procedural

Rachel Lee and Others
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Publisher Description

Mills & Boon Intrigue — Seek thrills. Solve crimes. Justice served.

Conard County: Christmas Crime Spree - Rachel Lee

Christmas season is marred by violence in a once peaceful town.

Christmas is a magical time for Parson Molly Canton. But savage attacks on several women in her parish threatens that joy. Assisting Detective Callum McCloud’s investigation, Molly is drawn to the tortured man, embittered by a devastating loss. Once the detective realises these attacks are a smoke screen obscuring the real target — Molly — the stakes escalate…especially now that Molly’s goodness has breached Callum’s calloused heart.

Eagle Mountain Cliffhanger - Cindi Myers

A fight for survival in the snow while on the trail of a killer.

Responding to the reports of a car accident, newcomer Deputy Jake Gwynn finds a murder scene instead. Search and rescue paramedic Hannah Richards tried to care for the likely suspect before he slipped away — and now he’s gone from injured man to serial killer on the loose. Jake hadn’t planned to put down roots in this quiet little town, but his need to protect Hannah may be more than just professional…

Small Town Vanishing - Nicole Helm

He had a knack for finding things…even if they wanted to stay lost.

Rancher Brody Thompson’s an expert at finding things, even in the wild and remote Wyoming landscape he’s just begun to call home. So when Kate Phillips asks for Brody’s help in solving her father’s decade-old disappearance, he’s intrigued. But then the former soldier is run off the road with the enigmatic Kate and it’s clear that there’s a steep price to pay for uncovering the truth…

Wyoming Winter Rescue - Juno Rushdan

What was more treacherous — confronting a killer or her ex-boyfriend?

Having to do the unthinkable to stop a murderous patient has consumed psychotherapist Lynn Delgado with fear and guilt. And because of his dangerous job, she’s ended her relationship with lawman Nash Garner. But when a serial killer targets Lynn, she must overcome her resistance to protection. As Lynn flees the killer in a raging blizzard, Nash follows, risking everything to save the woman he’s falling for.

Presumed Dead - Nichole Severn

Their shared history could be their undoing.

Forced to partner up, reserve officer Kendric Hudson and missing persons agent Campbell Dwyer work a baffling abduction case that gets more dangerous with each new revelation. As they battle a mounting threat, they must trust one another with their deepest secrets. But the truth they uncover could leave them lucky to escape with their lives…

Police Dog Procedural - Lena Diaz

A child left on a doorstep…a K-9 officer and his partner determined to solve this mystery…

When police lieutenant Macon Ridley and his loyal K-9, Bogie, respond to a frantic call from Daniels Canine Academy, they’re stunned to discover a baby on DCA’s doorstep. New recruit Macon tantalised Emma Daniels when she first trained his new pup. Now, that sizzling spark propels the pair to solve a dangerous mystery. At stake is not only an innocent infant, but also Emma herself…

19 October
Mills & Boon Intrigue
HarperCollins Australia Pty Limited

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