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Time and time again, executive women wake up and realise they’ve spent their entire careers making everyone else look good and have forgotten about themselves. 

Are you one of these women? Have you ever experienced the following?

• You are a deep subject matter expert but you hate self-promotion.
• You have been bypassed for plum assignments, juicy pay rises or better opportunities and you don’t know why.
• Others have taken credit for your results and you don’t know how they get away with it.
• You are a younger executive and have been told you are too ambitious and that you need to do your time and wait in line.
• You have a seat at the table but no-one knows why you’re there and you don’t know how to fix that.

Invisible to Invincible: A Self-Promotion Handbook for Executive Women will teach you a fresh approach to self-promotion and personal branding that will halve your effort yet double your impact. Throughout this book you will learn:

• Why you need to self-promote.
• Why self-promotion can be a minefield for executive women.
• The eight vital components of subtle yet powerful self-promotion.
• A fabulous ‘humble brag’ formula that works every time.
• How to leverage LinkedIn like a pro.

Implementing the self-promotion tactics taught in Invisible to Invincible: A Self-Promotion Handbook for Executive Women will help you futureproof your career far more effectively.

About the Author: 

Amanda is a visibility and executive brand strategist for leading women. As a former CEO, she truly understands the tightrope many women walk, on their pathway to the top. As an entrepreneur, speaker and executive coach, Amanda has helped many women approach their career goals easily and win industry awards along the way. Her blogs go viral, her Mentoring Programs and Leadership Retreats get rave reviews and her clients undoubtedly come back for more.

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27 September
Amanda Blesing

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