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From the age of three Sheena Harrison was brought up by her grandmother whilst her own mother, Kathleen, sought work in America. Kathleen later returned for her daughter, but her mother refused to hand her over, saying Sheena had settled into her new home. She left once more for the States, believing that Sheena would be loved, cared for and kept safe. What she did not know was that Granny Morag would go on to allow, indeed facilitate, the horrific abuse of little Sheena. From the age of four, she was appallingly abused by members of her own family, being little more than a plaything for their perverted desires.

Her uncle and others saw abuse as normal, and they raped and assaulted her with impunity. As she entered her teenage years, Sheena became highly promiscuous and also needed medical attention for some of the damage inflicted upon her.

In this book, Sheena tells her full story with heart-breaking honesty. It is a story of cruelty and horror, but also one which shows the remarkable resilience of the human spirit. Sheena's experiences are almost unimaginable and yet she has survived them as a reflective, caring woman who can both forgive and look ahead. It is a story which will make you angry but will also touch your heart.

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13 September
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Customer Reviews

Rezzie9 ,


There is a lot of repetition which was very annoying! However, I read it in one day as it was very interesting, would like to read her next book where she gets some kind of justice.

Stacemack ,


Could not put this down!

Mel Bree ,

Heart breaking!!

I'm not sure where to start?? I almost put this book back after the 2nd chapter as it upset me... Being a sole parent and wondering what it would have been like to up and leave your child in the clutches of such a horrid woman?!? I guess it could have turned out differently had there been a "sliding door" moment. I'm guttered that stories like this actually happen to people, that they start to believe the lies and they now have to live the memories that were inflicted upon them at such a impressionable age... I thank my blessings that "sheena" can see a side that I'm not sure I'd be as strong to entertain the thought...