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A compelling and eloquent meditation chronicling the experiences of real-life individuals as they face everyday trials and tragedies, recognizing that their lives have been touched by the divine.
Growing up as the daughter of a Baptist minister, Deborah Mathis has always known the graceful presence of God. Even when times were tough, when she wavered in her faith and traveled down the ominous roads that ended in trouble, she always felt blessed by the consummate mercy of her God. In What God Can Do, Mathis bears witness to God's goodness, presenting true stories of ordinary people, their accounts of life's trials and triumphs, and how God can work simple miracles -- even for the least devout among us.
Organized around ten different ways that God works in people's lives -- including Healing, Forgiveness, Transformation, and more -- What God Can Do is a collection of defining personal experiences, a sampling of soft and subtle miracles that most people chalk up to mere coincidence or "lucky breaks." A father who survives a dangerous surgery against all odds, a woman who beats cancer through "prayers of prevention," and a boy who lives with a bullet in his leg after a bloody hunting accident -- these are just a few of the miracles Mathis recounts in genuine and honest prose.
Such everyday examples of God's providence are sure to touch, console, and inspire any reader seeking spiritual nourishment, especially today in a time of wide-scale war and civil unrest, when so much is uncertain and so many turn to prayer for answers and feats of divine intervention.

Religion & Spirituality
21 June
Atria Books
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