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Why has your video shop been replaced with Netflix?
Why is your holiday now booked via Airbnb?
Why is your taxi driver from Uber?
And why is there no Pepsi in cyberspace?

We are all under the influence of Online Gravity, the powerful force driving the digital economy. Online Gravity forms huge planet-like companies that eat up or blitz their competition, and it’s changing the face of business, work and leisure.

In this fascinating book, Paul X. McCarthy, digital expert and big data analyst, shows that while the phenomenon is startling, it follows its own set of distinct rules and its power can be harnessed for our own success.

McCarthy reveals the seven laws of Online Gravity that are shaping the new world of business and how they can help us and our kids as workers and business owners of the 21st Century.

By revealing its inner workings, he shows how savvy digital start-ups have become giants of their realm, shifting where and what the jobs of the future look like. He also outlines new order business models, like Gazelles and Rocketships, Centurions and Unicorns, and modern worker identities, like Global Passionistas, Slashies and Uberslashies.

But most importantly, he shows us how to hack the strategies of Gravity giants to turbo-charge our own business, work and play.

A must-have guide to negotiating your future in an increasingly digital world

‘A fantastic insight into how the digital revolution is changing our lives forever’ —Dr Terry Percival AM, FTSE, co-inventor of wi-fi

‘A fascinating insight into what makes a success of internet giants … Novel and thought-provoking’ — Professor Maurice Pagnucco, Head of Computer Science and Engineering, University of NSW, Australia

1 June
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