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Look out! No unsuspecting warm orifice is safe. =O=O=O=D

#1: I've Fallen and there's a Tentacle in my Butt

There was a mishap in a lab during a sexual experiment that was being conducted on a naked young woman. A door that contained a creature with tentacles had cracked open by mistake. The monster became enraged when the test subject couldn't continue to orgasm and smashed the door open. The lab technicians tried to get the monster under control and in the process severed one of its tentacles. The tentacle escaped from the lab to the outside world. The scientist conducting the experiment rushed out after the tentacle. She knew that if she didn't catch the tentacle before it could find a human host, then it would spawn another creature and the city would be in danger.

#2: I've Fallen and there's a Tentacle in my Butt, Again!!!

Margaret discovered that remains of the monster when she returned to the lab. Most of the tentacles had been severed off. Things were much worse than she could imagine. The idea of all of those tentacles on the loose in the outside world worried her. The chance of them finding a host had risen exponentially. They turned on the news and discovered that chaos had already started within the city. They rushed out of the lab and just as they reached the outside Jenny fell to the ground and a tentacle had anchored her butt and rapidly dragged her off into the distance. Everything happened so fast they didn't have a chance to stop it. Margaret realized there was only one thing left to do to attract the tentacles and it was something she dreaded doing. Will they save Jenny and recover all of the tentacles before it’s to late?

#3: I've Fallen and there's a Tentacle in my Butt, and it's Even Bigger than Before

Yet again, Jenny had been anchored by a tentacle, but this time it had grown and its girth was very wide. Due to its enlarged state, it was able to feel the vibrations and was attracted toward the location of the monsters. It began heading toward the building that enclosed the abyss. What had made it grow? Did they stop the tentacle before it found a human host to incubate? Did Matt bumble once again?

BONUS STORY: Lisa Always has Fallen and there's a Tentacle in her Butt (#5 of The Erotic Encounters of Lisa Always)

Lisa Always and Candy Sometimes were having a sleepover. Candy was reading Edward Naughty's story entitled, "I've Fallen and there's a Tentacle in my Butt." She read the story to Lisa. Lisa wished that she could be with a tentacle monster in a similar situation as in the naughty story. As they have always said, be careful what you wish for... Before she knew it, she was in the grips of her new found tentacle lover. After their encounter the tentacles became aggressive toward Lisa, she cried out for Candy to get Super Long. Candy ran next door and woke up Super Long to help save Lisa from the clutches of the tentacle monster. Will he get there in time to save her before the monster has dessert?

Warning: These stories contain explicit sexual content that is not intended for those under the age of 18.

Fiction & Literature
26 November
Edward Naughty
Smashwords, Inc.

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