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What do you believe happens, when we leave our earthly bodies behind and pass away?

    -     Open this door and you will see a world beyond    -

Jack O'Connor died in 2016 along with his faithful terrier, Rio. Their peaceful walk on the beach turned into a run for their lives from the first great tsunami to strike the central coast of California. An age of volatile and unstable weather had begun.

Being pushed down into the shadowy depths of the sea, their demise eminent, a mental communication takes place between the man and his dog. In their last moments of life, they realized, physical life is not all there is. Jack prayed that God would take them into his loving hands....

They become aware again in the most exhilarating majestic environment. They find they're blessed with new wonderful heavenly abilities. As they are experimenting with their new powers, they meet their angel guide, Walt.

Walt tells them, the wonder and excitement of limitless discovery, is theirs's to enjoy. He tells them, they are special, and have been chosen for a distinct heavenly mandate. First, to enjoy, and learn lessons from all of Earth's past; by actually being there. And second, as they travel in Earth's present and future, they will encounter those in need of God's grace. The circumstances will make them known. Jack and Rio are authorized to help however they can.

Then Walt says," There are many levels of heaven, and unfortunately the Dark Side is still present here. Beware!!! Don't listen to him! He knows you, and the people you're helping, are seeking spiritual progress. He's devious, and will do anything to trip you up and stop spiritual growth.

Use the armor of God, and then enjoy the beauty, love, and goodness to be found." 

Fiction & Literature
31 May
Richard Alan Guiney
Ingram DV LLC