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Jason's Helmet is the true story of a world war two helmet's journey home from the Normandy battlefield.

The third armor division, known as the Spearhead, was fighting in the Argentan-Felaise gap (Falaise pocket)driving the Germans toward Paris and then to Germany. Their objective was to drive north from Ranes in a three prong attack surrounding Fromental.

Jason and his 5 men helped liberate Lounge sur Maire and were headed toward Fromental but didn't make it to the objective.

The next day Roger Pillu came upon the soldiers' bodies and alerted the Americans who reverently took the bodies. Roger saw a helmet left behind and decided to keep the helmet in safe keeping. He vowed that one day he would return it to the family and thank them for his freedom and their sacrifice.

At the sixtieth anniversary of d-day, he met Roger Bignon who saw the flash and heard the explosion that killed the Americans on his family's farm.

They agreed that it was time to return the helmet. With the help of family members, who understood computers, they found the Americans.

They sent a letter, 'We have the helmet of you brother. You must come to France to get it.'

Emerson, Jason's brother and army air corps vet, was skeptical thinking it to be a scam. Linda, his daughter, corresponded with the French and convinced Emerson to go.

Emerson went with five family members expecting a small ceremony. the french had other plans...

Jason's helmet is the story of the American heroes and their families being thanked and honored by the french community that vowed that they will never ever forget. six families were given closure on the ultimate sacrifice that was made on behalf of the world, and in this case, for the french.

Jason's Helmet is a true story of international gratitude, friendship and healing from the bad memories and losses of a previous generation.

24 April
Linda Heinrich
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