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For eighteen long years, Jessica was a very good girl. She had to be. Her parents had bought a watcherball and set it on her. It floated in the air near her at all times, and made sure no one could harm her or bully her. But her sexually hyper-conservative parents had also used the watcherball to prevent her from having any contact with boys, and little or no knowledge of sex outside of the clinical details that were taught in the mandatory school sex education program.

Jessica couldn't even let her hand steal down to her private parts without getting a jolt from the watcherball, not even in her sleep!

But Jessica had an intense interest in boys and sex. Keeping it bottled up for 18 years had only intensified it. The day Jessica turned 18 and became a Basic citizen in her own right, she had deactivated the watcherball, moved into her own apartment and gotten a pornstar body nano-upgrade. Then she had applied for work as a tavern slut, the most sexually intense work there was.

And when the tavern mistress learned that Jessica was a virgin, she suggested to Jessica that they have an event that was rare even in the ultra-sexually licentious 2100s: a virgin auction (because there were so few virgins, and not all of them were interested in being tavern sluts).

Jessica went for it, big time, especially when she found out that her virginity would be auctioned to not one, but ten lucky men who'd use her, one after the other, on a single night of unbridled passion and sexual debauchery. Jessica wanted to dive right into the black box that her parents have made of sex and sexuality. She has names and clinical descriptions of the things she might do, and which might be done to her, but she has NO idea what it will feel like, how it will changer her. But Jessica does know that the idea of giving her virginity to ten random men in return for money as if she were some lowly slave girl appeals to her like nothing else ever has.

Jessica's virgin auction at the Smiling Slut Tavern will be a night of unbridled passion and raw lust that will leave the tavern in tatters. What adventures will await Jessica as she kneels naked and in sexual bondage in her alcove, locked in a chastity belt and a head harness, blindfolded and with her hands cuffed behind her back, waiting to have sex for the first time ever? Don't miss out!

This novella is over 28,000 words long and is part of the Basic Income world.

Fiction & Literature
3 May
Pat Powers
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