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Jet is book 1 of the War Choppers MC trilogy. Books 2 and 3, Jet's Bride and Jet's Wrath are available everywhere now!

I'll make her mine… no matter the cost.

I never thought I'd lay my hands on the goods I'm sworn to protect.

But I had to make an exception for her.

She thought this would all go down on her terms, that she was in charge.

Time to show her just how wrong she was.


Overseeing these auctions lost its shine a long time ago.

I'm an outlaw who takes what he wants, no questions asked.

But apparently some men prefer the transaction.

And as long as there are women willing to put themselves up, bare and afraid, on that stage…

And underworld criminals eager to buy the rights to their bodies…

Who am I to deny them?

Then she stepped up to the auction block, wearing nothing but sheer terror.

And I'd never wanted anything so badly in my life.

She was a feast for the eyes.

Every man in attendance wanted a bite of the main course.

The price for a night with her skyrocketed, but I wasn't about to be outbid on my own turf.

I paid whatever it took to own her.

Now, she's mine.

But pretty little Bree won't break so easily—and I love a girl who requires a firm hand.

There's more to her than meets the eye.

And something tells me it's not just the promise of money that keeps her on my lap…

Straddling my bike…

And bent over in my bedroom.


All I ever wanted was to pay down the student loans that were drowning me.

Now, I find myself learning hard lesson after harder lesson as my desperation takes me deep into the den of an outlaw motorcycle club… the War Choppers.

In the depths of the MC, I end up pinned beneath the sheets with a rogue biker as powerful as his name:


It only takes one taste of him to hook me.

My auction was just supposed to be a one-night engagement.

But it turns out Jet has deep pockets…

And hands that refuse to stop exploring my body.

I'm in over my head. But I just can't stop.

And then Jet makes an offer too hot to ignore.

Soon enough, I'm the human high card getting played time and again… and I'm practically begging him to throw me down on the table.

Too bad this underworld is populated with insatiable alphas, and most of them don't take kindly to being outbid…

I chose to start this ride with the biker.

But he's determined to be the one to finish me.

4 March
E-Book Publishing World Inc.
E-Book Publishing World Inc.

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