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In this book John Wesley, founder of the Methodist Church, discusses the Christian doctrine in a manner that is accessible, with characteristic wisdom and clarity.

The doctrine of perfect love, as it translates into the life and being of the believer, is the principle topic at hand. Christian Perfection is the name which Wesley gives to the achievement of greater closeness with God and his teachings; this gradual advancement of belief, itself entailing the deepening of one's relationship with the divine, is something which both fascinated and enveloped Wesley. 

This book has some autobiographical overtones, since Wesley advances through the years of his life and identifies major turning points or landmarks on his own spiritual journey. By stages, he embraced the doctrine of advancing his faith, to the point where he felt obliged to offer his journey as an example to other Christians also seeking greater spiritual growth. 

A Plain Account of Christian Perfection is a fine foundation to the study of the Christian theology and the Bible. Wesley is careful to quote scripture to support certain views - such as those involving the love of oneself, others and the Lord - and in keeping with his style intersperses his own poetry with the explanations. 

A distinguished author, preacher and cleric in 18th century England, John Wesley created a deep and abiding body of work which remains emblematic of Christian thought of his era. He is most remembered today for his role in founding Methodism, and his scholarship which continues to hold an influential place in theological study.

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