Julie's Huge Birthday Surprise

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Innocent Julie, who just turned eighteen, is a brat and she knows it. But of course, she’d never admit such a thing.

Just like she’d never admit to teasing her mom’s ex-boyfriend, gorgeous billionaire Drake, for all the years she did. They’re close though, very close, and he’s even paying for her to go to college, so she feels indebted enough to him to tolerate most anything he asks.

One day, when she’s on the way to her boyfriend’s house, Drake calls and demands she come to a birthday party he’s throwing for her. When she arrives though, and Drake reveals his dangerous, primal, secret feelings, it turns out to be just what Julie’s always wanted.

Warning: This 10,000 word erotic story is intended for adults only.


Staring at me a moment longer, Drake massaged my arms and stared into my eyes. His bright blue, sapphire irises seemed to pierce all the way to my soul, if that was possible.

“Are you sure that’s all you want?” His voice rolled into a low, almost menacing whisper. “A Sprite?”

“Yeah... yeah, I mean, what else would I want?” I stammered, trying to keep myself from panicking, or from going wobbly in the knees with desire, which was the more pressing and present concern. “I thought I was coming here for a birthday party, I –”

Drake smiled and narrowed his eyes to slits, nodding. “You did.”

“But then where –”

“Is everyone?” he interrupted, finishing the sentence for me. “Well, I thought maybe you’d want to do this in private at least once before having an audience, but if you’d like, I could call everyone in?”

“What are you talking about?” Fear burned in my mind, or at least that’s what I thought it was. Moments later, the tingling between my legs came back and I knew it wasn’t fear, it was desire. Primal, awful, wonderful desire that I shouldn’t feel but couldn’t bury.

He smiled again and tossed his beautiful, wavy black hair back before running his hand through it and leaning heavily on the table beside me. “You’re going to pay me back.”

Fiction & Literature
10 September
Ashe Land Publications
Draft2Digital, LLC

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