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You are closer to your breakthrough than you think!

Don’t let past failures or current problems continue to sabotage your life and keep you stuck. God has given you the power to discover your true purpose, transform your thinking, and change the one thing that changes everything…YOURSELF!

Just Get Over Yourself! gives you the tools you need to think right and live great. Anita experienced a personal encounter with God that took her through the process of uncovering her own motives and attitudes that kept her stuck in a struggling marriage and a life that didn't add up to scripture. She felt that something was missing and God revealed to her it was to pray and obey. Anita realized that God's wisdom was required to understand how to obey because she was a well intentioned person yet her heart deceived her. Uncovering the mystery that works for everyone, Anita gives 40 truths that God worked through her personally to peel back layers of stubbornness, motives, attitudes, and control issues.

In addition to her book, Anita runs the 40 Day Life Change Challenge, Monday Morning Massive Action Challenge, and several training seminars. She brings her warm, dynamic and humorous personality to all of her presentations. She motivates readers and listeners to think BIG and take positive action!

“God has gifted Anita with remarkable insight. I have seen first hand many lives transformed as a result of her counseling and coaching. She offers solutions that work. The keys she shares in this book will revolutionize your life.”
Donna Beckett, Founder and former Executive Director of Niagara Life Centre Ministries

Here's what people are saying...

“Every part contained something HUGE that I had to learn. I will never feel like a helpless victim again!”

“These principles really opened my eyes to reality; I could finally see why I had been so stuck.”

“Learning these powerful truths has changed my life – anxiety is gone!”

“With laser-sharp precision this teaching quickly gets to the very root of problems.”

Body, Mind & Spirit
29 March
Anita McCann
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