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When her boss Austin moved to San Diego for the job of a lifetime, Lexi was more than a little disappointed. The man was smoking hot, and even though they never hooked up, she wanted him the moment she laid eyes on him. Their chemistry was sizzling, but the last thing she needed was to get fired for sleeping with her boss.

Six months later, Lexi can’t believe her luck when her new boss sends her to a conference in San Diego. She immediately locks Austin into a lunch date, dreaming about getting naked with the hottie she’d resisted for so long. The only problem? She just became exclusive with the guy she’s been dating.

As Lexi struggles to decide how far she’s willing to go, Austin presents her with an offer she can’t refuse. A night at his beach house, a dip in his hot tub, and a chance to make her fantasies a reality. There’s a definite line between temptation and betrayal, but when Austin reveals the real reason he invited her home, it makes her question everything.


“Give me your foot,” he instructed. “I bet those shoes you were wearing today made your feet hurt like hell.”

I hesitated, reluctant to surrender to his touch so soon, but I’d be damned if I was going to turn down a foot rub. My heels had hurt like a son of a bitch since the second I’d put them on that morning. I drifted a foot toward him, stopping when my toes brushed against his knee. His fingers gently circled around my ankle, pulling my foot closer to him. One thumb applied steady pressure along the arch of my foot, instantly sending a flash of lightning streaking through my core. His other hand gripped my toes, wiggling them around and threading his fingers between each coral painted nail. I gasped at the strength of his touch, the intensity of his gaze holding me captive. Why did he have to be so fucking sexy? When his fingertips pressed against the sore tendons across the top of my toes, I sighed with pleasure, closing my eyes and letting my head fall back. “That feels incredible,” I breathed.

His skillful hands kneaded away every last ache in my tired muscles, and just when I thought he was finished, his fingers brushed my other calf, guiding that foot closer to him. Each stroke along my foot reverberated up my leg and pulsed around my c**t, and when he slid his hand up to my knee, I almost lost my mind.

As his strong fingers pulled the tension from my calves, all my willpower melted away, leaving behind an uncontrollable urge to touch his incredible body. I opened my eyes, heart pounding with the thrill of anticipation. Things had progressed to the point of no return for me, and I was willing to bet my annual salary he felt the same. All I had to do was give him the green light.

“I bet your cock is so hard right now,” I purred, letting my foot wander closer to him, grinning slyly when my toes touched his rigid abs.

He didn’t miss a beat. “It’s actually been hard since I saw you at lunch. And hearing you say cock is not helping the situation.” His heated gaze matched mine across the bubbling water, not breaking eye contact.

“Big, hard, throbbing cock,” I drawled slowly, watching as his eyes grew heavier by the second. His hand returned to my foot, and just when I thought he was about to continue the foot massage, I found he had other plans.

Fiction & Literature
18 March
Addisyn Jacobs
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