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He was forbidden, my boss and incapable of loving me.

People talked about him, whispered about him in passing.

He was the king of his town.

And I was a visitor.

I was by no means a smart girl. Never loved with my head, always with my heart.

That fact alone almost killed me once.

 I should have listened the second time around.

But the king of this small town, had me starving. Had me craving his taste.

My name is Kandi, and he called me his Kandiland.

The king declared I was his medicine, and with each dose, he became better and better.

He was the perfect liar.

And I was his perfect Kandi.

Together, we were explosive, and toxic in every way.

19 June
T.L Smith
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

Stitches00 ,


This is perfect, on so many levels. I want to start all over again. Just to experience it all again. Must read.

Vickisyd ,

There are no words

Kandi and Huxley are the oddest dynamic couple I’ve ever read. The twist and turns you can’t see coming keep you on the edge and gripped to the storyline wondering how on earth it is going to end.

RobynlC3 ,

Not as sweet as candy but as compelling!

I don't often let a cover sway me but I really like this cover and then after reading the story summary I was instantly intrigued. The title alone reminded me of a board game and to a degree this is true of this book: characters, properties, community, money, losers and winners.

Having five years with the one you love is a fantastic achievement, not enough time but then you don't always get a say. For Kandi Leo she basically has no alternative but to move on until she ends up at a town called Candy where she decides to settle. Huxley Cross owns most of the businesses and is intrigued by her from the start.

As Kandi says herself Huxley consumes her and he does but I have to admit he annoyed me so many times and I really enjoyed when Kandi basically told him to take a hike! Both lead characters tell the story, giving their points of view and readers some insight into the what makes them tick as Huxley is quite the mysterious man.

This is a fast paced story and very easy to read, the plot is substantial and has some turns that keep readers on their toes. There are some emotional highs and lows, as you would expect, but truly this author really knows how to take this to the next level.

The one thing I can say to really sum this book up is that I couldn't wait to read each new sentence, almost like a craving.

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