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The question about wellness and goodness of life and living is ubiquitous. The question has been there in different forms since millions of years. They still are. However, new issues of wellness and goodness have been added, as we all are heading for a world, which is fast becoming complex, resulting in far more conflicts and conundrum.
The new millennium has heralded a new thinking. It was brewing up for over two decades but now as we moved into 21st century; we have a wisdom to answer many questions of wellness in a completely new light. The answers have come up, as there has been a change in perception about the three core notions, essential for wellness and goodness.
These three notions are called 3Cs – Cognition, Consciousness and Causality. The new thinking offers new and scientifically appropriate perceptions about the three notions and helps humanity in understanding them in a new light. This is a huge boost for confidence required for empowerment and wellness.
The different small essays in this book are attempts to unravel the Karta (subjective consciousness) from the perspective of the new thinking of 3Cs – cognition, consciousness and causality. This Karta is you, me and they. Everyone is a Karta, positioned in the world as the performer. The different dimensions of this Karta in different life-living situations are unraveled so that as a reader, you can be in a position to assimilate the core idea as how a holistic, assimilative and integrative perspective of cognition, consciousness and causality helps us in attaining and enhancing personal excellence and wellness.

Body, Mind & Spirit
23 February
Santosh Jha
Smashwords, Inc.

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