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Kayak fishing is a fast growing and exciting pastime. The kayak fishing environment can be daunting however and this book smoothes the way for beginners, gives great ideas to veteran kayak fishers, and entertains anyone who enjoys the great outdoors and fishing in particular.

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20 November
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Barrabundy ,

Kayak Fishing Manual

This is the must have book for anyone interested in the sport of kayak fishing. I am yet to come across another book which exploits the features of iPad as well as this one does. It is intuitive, easy to read, contains everything you need to know without being excessive and the videos add that extra dimension to the learning experience. This is the book I should have read before buying my kayak, having said that, I came across some tips that I'd never learnt in my years in the sport. Well researched and an all encompassing resource. If you've never fished from a kayak before and are wondering whether it might be something you might be interested in, skip straight to the trip reports at the back. Cheers, Barrabundy.

bertros77 ,

Mst read if your new to kayak fishing

What an informative and enjoyable read! One of the true legends of AKFF, Kevin "Sunshiner" Long has written this extensive coverage of the ins and outs of kayak fishing. While it's an ideal starting point for those contemplating taking up the sport or those who have just started, it would also suit those with a little more experience who are looking to branch out from the estuary or lake and start heading offshore in search of some bigger pelagics.

Written in his down-to-earth and highly engaging style, Kev covers off many of the kayak and fishing accessories you would want to consider adding to your arsenal, from drogues and gaffs through to shark shields and offshore safety. He also covers some of the more specialised techniques in the offshore angler's arsenal including surf launches, effective use of a GPS, and how to set up and fish a drift properly.

The many videos and image galleries are a great addition to this ebook, and some of the other features will be invaluable for kayakers of all standards as they continue their educational journey. For me, the ability to make your own notes alongside the books topics will prove to be a key feature ongoing. As I continue to decode the secrets of reading and interpreting my fish finder for example, i can place these learnings alongside the books content and save in a logical place for future review and reflection.

Unlike most fishing books, this doesn't just cover off the theory either. Four detailed and highly entertaining trip reports targeting different species by the infamous Noosa Yakkers makes for some entertaining reading spanning some 24 pages. If that doesn't have you rigging up iyour gear and preparing the kayak for a trip out, then you may want to consider taking up an alternative such as golf instead.

GeeSwpac ,

Kayak Fishing Manual

Kev has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to Kayaking and fishing alone but put them both together and we are left with this inspiring iBook. The massive amount of experience and enjoyment that he has enjoyed over the years is perfectly portrayed and anyone looking to get into the world of Kayak fishing would do well to purchase this iBook, study it and make informed decisions on what is right or wrong for them personally.

I would have liked to have seen other facets of kayak fishing such as in shore or inland waterways use. But upon reflection, one realises that Kev has written and formulated this book for his "backyard", one of the more difficult environments, being surf launching to off shore fishing grounds.

The movies and the images of the fish caught easily portray that if someone can catch those then adaptation to inshore fishing should be much easier and as thoroughly enjoyable as many know it is.

A thoroughly enjoyable and in many cases, enlightening read.


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