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"People call on Kuan Yin for many reasons-to keep them safe while traveling, to bless them with children, or to help them through a trying time. I have heard tales of people who were cured of serious diseases after seeking her blessings. This compassionate goddess has many manifestations, as you will soon discover. Because of this, there are myriad ways in which we can invite her into our lives, and many dimensions to our experiences of her." 

Kuan Yin is revered by millions across spiritual traditions. A female bodhisattva (one who is fully devoted to the enlightenment of others), she stood at the gates of Nirvana ready to enter. But when she heard the cries of suffering in the world, she chose to remain in the human realm until the last sentient being was freed from pain. In Kuan Yin, author and devotee Daniela Schenker offers readers an exquisite book of full-color photographs and illustrations, along with invocations, meditations, and visualizations to summon the healing energy of this goddess of compassion and liberation. 

Daniela Schenker has been a student of Asian traditions for more than twenty years, traveling extensively throughout the world to trace both the history and modern worship of Kuan Yin. Readers join her to learn more about: 

* 33 of Kuan Yin's manifestations, each with its own contemplation and watercolor image 

* Tips and techniques to create a devotional shrine to Kuan Yin--your own sacred place to call upon her blessings 

* Namo Kuan Shi Yin Pusa and other powerful mantras to invoke Kuan Yin's guidance and protection 

* Kuan Yin's "power spot," the beautiful Chinese island of Putuo Shan Exquisite and graceful like the goddess herself

Kuan Yin makes the perfect gift; a treasured book for your personal altar; and a companion on the spiritual path to receiving this compassionate deity's lovingkindness.

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