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Genre: Ladyboy Erotica Bundle Set

Whether it's a 'straight' man desperately seeking a ladyboy, a man hiding in a ladyboy bar from the Japanese mafia, or a man unable to decide between men or women, each man will see why there's nothing like the sensuous touch of a ladyboy. 

This 21,300+ Ladyboy Erotica bundle set includes: Ladyboy Lover (M2F Erotica), Ladyboy Lover Two (Ladyboy Erotica), and Ladyboy Lover Three (Ladyboy Romance / Erotica). 


Ladyboy Lover (M2F Erotica) 
Genre: M2F Erotica 

The last thing most people expect to save a marriage is a ladyboy. After some t****y tricky in Thailand, Brad can't get the thought of beautiful women with something extra out of his mind.

He needs a taste - and soon - or else he'll go crazy. 

Trixie - a beautiful Asian t-girl - is just what he desperately needs. Unfortunately, she's tired of being other men's fantasies and has a few of her own. Can Brad step up to the challenge and why is Trixie and the bartender in the room with him? 


Ladyboy Lover Two (Ladyboy Erotica) 
Genre: T****y Erotic 

Stealing from the Yakuza was his first mistake. Ducking into a ladyboy bar the second, and the gimp mask his third. The bondage show was his... well let's just say it wasn't his night for good decisions. 

Can a thief make a clean getaway from the Japanese Mafia or will he learn what everyone else in Hawaii already knows: "Don't mess with the Yakuza". 


Ladyboy Lover Three (Ladyboy Romance / Erotica) 
Genre: Ladyboy Romance 

What do you do if you like the manhood of a guy but the body, scent, and femininity of a woman? 

If you're like Brian you remain unsatisfied until your friend sets you up on blind date with a very special Asian girl - one guaranteed to satisfy all your urges for men and women in one sexy package. 

Fiction & Literature
20 July
Tabatha Dallas
Draft2Digital, LLC

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