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This is the second part of The Land of All Things Fallen.

For two hundred years, the Dark Moon of Perrefiere has blackened the northern sky. For two hundred years, the fortress of the Immortal has eclipsed the northern sun and cast the lands of Ammandorn and Eryndor in dark light. A promise of war and cataclysm to the five bloods of men and the kingdoms they have built across the inland sea. Now, that war is beginning - the weapon of the Immortal has been found.

From a council of the Archivists and the Magus Tribunal, Elle'dred, Champion of the White Wolf, has been dispatched with a fellow knight and two magus. Under the command of the Tribunal's Champion, Taedoran of Ygoth, they are to escort the weapon to the old lands of Eryndor where - with the aid of a magus steeped in ancient knowledge - it may be undone.

But the weapon, a creature - an Incarnate - the channel for all hell-fire, seems to be nothing more than a frightened animal, innocent and unaware of its true purpose. The truth of its nature, and of the war to come, will shake the very foundations of Elle'dred's oath to the Order of the White Wolf, the Archivists, and the land of Ammandorn itself.

For unknown to the Champion of the White Wolf, the arrival of the weapon and the renewed threat of the Dark Moon has awakened the drive of ruthless ambition, personal grievances and the bitterness of wounds unhealed - and a dark secret that violates the very precepts of the society they strive to protect. A secret now forced into the light.

The war of the Immortal has begun and the land of Ammandorn will fall - but whether beneath the yoke of its own sins, or beneath the crimson flames of hell-fire and the darkness of a Moon, is yet uncertain.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
30 November
D W Gladstone
Smashwords, Inc.

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