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One of the most common ways to stabilize the slope is to use the row of drilled shaft. The goal of this investigation is to introduce applicable methodology to calculate the factors of safety and force, on the shaft, in the static condition. By using the limit equilibrium approach accompanied with the concept of arching, due to incorporating the drilled shaft, the safety and force can be calculated. The 3-dimensional finite element parametric study is used to derive the regression based semi-empirical equations for quantifying the arching effect, through the load transfer factor. A computer program is written to incorporate the algorithms mentioned above for applications to real cases. The results of the proposed methodology are validated by the three dimension finite element analysis. Furthermore, seismic displacement of the slope, reinforced with a row of the drilled shafts, is calculated using modified displacement based method. This procedure is the extension work of seismic slope stability analysis presented by Bray and Rathje (1998) and Screen analysis presented by Stewart and Blake (2003). In this procedure, dynamic resistance of the dilled shaft/slope system is calculated in framework of limit equilibrium analysis accompanied with the arching due to incorporating the drilled shaft. To quantify the arching, the critical displacement is selected. First, the variation of arching as a function of displacement is studied. Then for critical displacement that causes the maximum force on the shaft and maximum displacement, the arching is quantified and applied to the limit equilibrium analysis. To address the geotechnical and structural issues, the performance based design is proposed to calculate the factor of safety of the drilled shaft slope system and the force on the drilled shafts based on an acceptable displacement. The results of seismic displacement, the factor of safety of slope shaft system, and the maximum induced force on the drilled shaft are validated by 3-dimensional Finite element analysis. Advisors/Committee Members: Liang, Robert.

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22 May
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