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New Second Edition! This e-book contains all the necessary elements to learn and master the Punch! Software (R) programs, covering Version 17.7 (Windows) and 17.5.7 (Mac)
The information can be used and accessed in different ways.
- Following the entire e-book provides a complete training to learn the Punch! Software (R) programs, not only by following tutorials and guides, but understanding how the program thinks.
- The tutorials show the “How To” for specific uses: How to start a project? How to insert a picture and landscape it? , How to create a walk-out basement? How to slope a lot? Just to name a few.
- The Visual Guides are graphic solutions that allow the visualization of the tools’ concepts.
- Questions and answers by topic and general issues, that reflect the most asked and answered posts at the Punch! Software (R) Community Forum
- Topics and tools are linked on the screen, so, while you are consulting an item, you can easily access the additional information.
- You can search the information by content, by topic or by keyword
- The constructive elements include the necessary technical information. For example: the roof chapter includes a glossary explaining the names of the different parts of a roof as well as the name and development of 21 different types of roofs. Or, if you wish to develop a staircase, for example, you will find not only how to create it using Punch! Software (R), but also, how stairs are calculated in real life.
- The e-book contains 244 pages with more than 44,000 words and 525 images and graphics, covering all the Punch versions.

Computing & Internet
2 August
Patricia Gamburgo
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