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Joanna's boss caught her doing something very wrong - cutting herself checks from company funds. So her boss offers her a choice: lose her job, or become a submissive sex slave! How far will Joanna have to go to satisfy her boss's kinky desires?EXCERPT from this story:Joanna sat under the desk and stared up her boss's skirt. Her boss, Pamela, was on the phone with a friend, and Joanna had been instructed to stay still. She'd been down there for several hours, and her back was starting to hurt. But she didn't complain. This was what she had to do to please her boss.It all started when Joanna had been caught writing herself checks from company funds. Her boss had given her one choice – either she could be fired or she could become her sex slave. Joanna couldn't get fired, not in this economy. So there really was no choice. She agreed to become Pam's sex slave.It hadn't been what she had expected. It wasn't just sex – it wasn't even sex at all at first. It was mostly humiliation. It started with little things. Being forced to undo several buttons on her shirt that were normally fastened, displaying her cleavage to the office and giving her a reputation she didn't want. She'd been forced to go without panties under her skirt several times. Then Pam made her bend at the waist in front of everybody, showing off her most private areas. She knew that her coworkers were staring at her and talking about her, but there was nothing she could do about that. It was what she had to do to keep her job.Things soon became sexual. Her boss would call her into her office and take advantage of the fact that she wasn't wearing panties, or that her shirt was open and her breasts could be easily groped. And soon enough her boss was asking Joanna to do the same things for her. Her boss would lock the door and Joanna would have to massage her naked body. Soon Joanna was eating her boss's pussy and sucking on her breasts.Then the humiliation began again. It was more sexual and more sadistic. Joanna would have to wear a buttplug all day long and Pamela would frequently check to make sure it was still in. Joanna had her nipples pierced to please her boss. She would've had a tough time explaining it to her boyfriend, but he was no longer around. She couldn't explain her lack of sex drive to him – couldn't explain that her boss used it all up.

Fiction & Literature
4 July
Patsy Highsmith
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