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Hidden in her mother's closet, Alexandra Crenshaw discovers a hatbox crammed full of her mother's old letters. All of them are written to the same person, CiCi Dolan, her grandmother who died of breast cancer four decades earlier. Guilt pricks at Alex's conscience when she picks up the first envelope, accusing her of invading her mother's private thoughts and deepest secrets. She doesn't let that stop her and soon the story revealing itself in the unfolding pages mesmerizes her. Twice a year, on Mother's Day and CiCi's birthday, Livvy Montgomery wrote of her hopes and fears, accomplishments and failures, pain and joy. She tells of her divorce, alcoholism, and the struggle to build a career and raise a child. In letters to a woman who would never read them, Livvy felt free to share not only the events of her life, but everything that led to those events, as well as her true feelings about the emotional highs and lows. Livvy many never have meant for her letters to be read, but through them Alex comes to know the grandmother she barely remembers and to better understand the mother she's known her entire life. The Dolan family history, as depicted by Livvy Dolan Montgomery, delivers amusing anecdotes, humiliating visions of the past, tragedy and triumph. But her story also holds power and it offers that power to Alex to dispel her distorted remembrances and to reinforce the truths she has long suspected. Questions follow those truths. Questions that only Livvy can answer. But time is running out for both women to say what they want to say and ask for what they need to hear. The clock seems to pick up its pace as mother and daughter exchange memories, long-held secrets and forgiveness. Tears flow even through their laughter as their honesty reinforces their love. Letting Go takes readers on the journey of a lifetime. It tells the story of three generations of deeply flawed, incredibly strong women. Women who remain connected in life and death, by blood, love, brokenness and healing. Livvy wrote the letters to ease her own sorrow and loss. She had no way of knowing that one day her words would strengthen her daughter and help Alex learn the true meaning of letting go.

Fiction & Literature
1 August
McBryde Publishing, LLC
McBryde Publishing, LLC

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