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With a mother who adored anything on four legs and a father who would punt on the proverbial two flies up a wall, the author was destined (or doomed?) to be a horse racing tragic from the moment he was born. Having watched his first Melbourne Cup as a pre - schooler and attending his first race meeting in his early teens, racing became an obsession at a young age, so it was only natural that h e would ultimately progress to the biggest commitment of all, owning a share in a racehorse. From that point on, his life was never going to be the same. There are many great books that chronicle the careers of horse racing legends, both of the equine and human variety, but this is not one of them. Instead, Life on the Racing Rollercoaster is the often humorous, sometimes emotional, and always entertaining tale of a group of small time owners, as they ride the peaks and troughs of the thoroughbred racing ga me. This is their story, of racing triumph and heartbreak, told through the eyes of a racing fanatic, who probably (definitely!) takes it all way too seriously. Whether you are a prospective racehorse owner who is wondering what you' re getting yourself int o, an existing participant who has been there and done that, a trainer who ponders the baffling thought processes of those who pay the bills, or just a lover of sport who' s fond of a good yarn, Life on the Racing Rollercoaster should provide an amusing and honest insight into the highs and lows of the 'Sport of Kings'.

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21 July
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Customer Reviews


Life On The Racing Rollercoaster

This was a very good book. Quite funny in parts, but still a very raw and honest account of what it is like to be involved in horse racing.

Nicki1231 ,

Life on the Racing Rollercoaster

I would highly recommend this book. Whether you are a devotee of racing or just sport in general, it is a very easy and humorous read which draws you in and provides a fascinating and honest insight into the highs and lows of racing.

RaceFan70 ,

Life On The Racing Rollercoaster

This a very funny and insightful read about the highs and lows and racing. Anyone who has been involved in the sport of racing will be chuckling and nodding knowingly as they read this book.