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This book is about my spiritual connection and the track, both funny and sad, life 

has taken me on.

In the spirit realm, one enters a world of probable possibilities, as it is all written in the great book of life. In the spirit world there is no beginning or end; time, as we know it, doesn’t exist. This means, from our point of view, every choice in life that is possible, or has been possible, or will be possible, is already written in the great book of life. 

The human race is a product of its collective thinking, in other words what we think about most of the time, eventually starts to happen, be it love or hate, war or peace. Keep thinking and talking about something long enough, and it will become real.  If we want to change the result, it can be changed with group positive thought. We are responsible for our own outcomes, therefore we are where we are, due to the decisions that we have, or will make, through life.

Inner guidance is something we all have; we hear it from time to time, but mostly we don't take much notice because we don't trust it. It is very important to act on our inner feelings, as they are sent to us from our higher self. If we don't respond to those spiritual messages, we become apprehensive as the logical path will lead us on a 'will I or won't I'  thought pattern, and so  apprehension becomes our greatest handicap. 

Big business and governments use this weakness in us to manipulate our lives, also the media conbtribute to it by whipping up the fear factor,  and as a result we become easily controlled.

In this book you will find simple ways of overcoming the controlled outcomes that will occur when you take only the logical track, [instead of the intuitive track], in life. We all have the answer within us.


 Listen to yourself, for you are your own guide.

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10 November
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