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Corey Jenkins has crafted a set of stories that will have you crying, laughing and begging for more. Told with folksy humor & down home charm, "Lines, Tines & Southern Pines" is a treat for all who enjoy the outdoors with friends & family. Its written by a fun-loving prankster, a real man, with wit & style. it will delight readers to the last word. *Robert Bailey, Author, “The Professor” & “Between Black and White”*

Henry David Thoreau wrote that a lot of men fish all their lives without ever realizing that fish isn't really what they're after. That, in one sentence encapsulates the theme of Lines, Tines & Southern Pines. The author skillfully articulates what is truly derived from growing up in the outdoors and the mysteries in the woods and beckoning waters of lakes, streams and ponds. He entertains and moves us artfully in crafting the companionship and closeness of a Grandfather, Dad, Mom, family, friends and provides insights about the true essence of nature and the powerful yet peaceful effect it can infuse within those receptive to its charms. *The Publisher*

"This is the top book in this genre I've read in years. I chuckled out loud, and even wiped a tear during some touching scenes.The crazy tales are mindful of Huckleberry Finn on steroids. Corey's style is transparent, fluid, comical, and genuine. He is the kind of guy I'd like to meet. His book is absolutely a delight for all ages, male and female. There are some rather intriguing fishing and hunting episodes, but the true emphasis is on relationships, fun, and insights about lessons learned in the outdoors." ***Rocky McElveen, MasterGuide/Owner, Alaskan Adventures and Author of the Top Selling "Wild Men, Wild Alaska" Books***

"Jenkins' tales are heartfelt & comical. He is the perfect blend of Bill Heavy and John Gierach. 'Lines, Tines & SouthernPines' is a must read for the serious outdoorsman." ***Drew Senter,Oxford, Alabama, Founder: Longleaf Photography***

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8 September
Greg McElveen
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