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‘Finely wrought and highly amusing…a wonderful new series in the comedy crime genre.’ Australian 

For Cass Tuplin, proprietor of the Rusty Bore Takeaway (and definitely not an unlicensed private investigator), it’s weird enough that her neighbour Vern has somehow acquired a lady friend. But then he asks Cass to look into the case of the dead rats someone’s dumped on Joanne’s doorstep. 

She’s barely started when Joanne goes missing, leaving hints of an unsavoury past. Then a private investigator from Melbourne turns up asking questions about Joanne’s involvement in a fatal house fire—and before you can say ‘unauthorised investigation’ Cass is back on the case. 

Sue Williams is the author of a crime series set in Rusty Bore, population 147. Sue was raised in country Victoria and hotly denies this provided any inspiration for her writing. She is a science and travel writer and a chartered accountant who also holds a PhD in marine biology. These days, Sue lives in Melbourne with her husband. Her previous two Cass Tuplin books are Murder with the Lot and Dead Men Don’t Order Flake

‘Sue Williams is Australia’s answer to New Jersey’s Janet Evanovich.’ NZ Listener 

‘Finely wrought and highly amusing…a wonderful new series in the comedy crime genre.’ Australian

‘This book is like going to visit your regional relatives and having a bunch of their friends pop by for a chat. It’s comforting, slightly dishevelled, wildly entertaining…Live and Let Fry is self-aware, observant, and with a fresh take on a crime hero, this is as irresistible as potato cakes after a swim.’ Readings

‘This is a book best not read on the quiet carriage of public transport, as the giggles, snickers and guffaws likely to be emitted may disturb other commuters…Fans of the series will not be disappointed.’ BookMooch

‘Sue Williams has her recipe down pat: an engaging heroine with a sense of humour as dry as the landscape.’ Adelaide Advertiser

‘There is no doubt about the value of escapist literature in a world fraught with so many seemingly intractable problems. This book unashamedly belongs to that escapist genre. There can scarcely be better therapy than to immerse oneself for a time in a world where good triumphs over evil and where there is the prospect of a happy ending.’ ArtsHub

Crime & Thrillers
30 April
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