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In a country where hundreds of women lose their children through divorce each year, one woman’s heartbreaking story of loss, struggle, and eventual survival will provide the world with a glimpse into the heartache and pain felt by these mothers. Celine Zabel’s story follows her life growing up in Iowa during the 50's and 60's, her move to Colorado in the 70's, and through the loss of her two children in a gut-wrenching divorce and her unyielding attempts to win them back. This is an eye-opening story of loss and survival.

Lives Shattered: Second Edition incorporates additional life events while Lives Shattered: One Mother’s Loss at the Hands of the Legal System looks extensively at the harsh realities and pitfalls of the United States legal system. This touching tale of survival shows how one woman overcame unbearable pain and loss while maintaining a modicum of hope. Told through a mixture of narration, first person letters, and third party accounts of Zabel’s life before and during this extraordinarily trying time, this poignant story shows readers everywhere the catastrophic and emotional toll a mother’s loss takes and the breathtaking strength it takes to make it through to the other side.

Inspired by the legal train wreck that changed her life forever, Zabel wrote Lives Shattered in order to show people that this disturbing scenario isn’t all that uncommon. With a need to help others who could potentially face the same situation, or are dealing with their own losses, Zabel documented her story in an effort to make a difference. A shocking tale of survival in the face of extreme adversity, this incredible story is a must-read for anyone going through a personal tragedy at the hands of a legal system we’re supposed to trust.

Lives Shattered is a truly dramatic account of a woman’s life being ripped apart by the failings of the legal system. Filled with unyielding tension, heartbreaking emotion, and the quiet strength that allows people to stay on their feet and soldier on, this amazing story will touch readers from all walks of life. Whether you’re going through a divorce, are in the legal profession, or simply enjoy a good, dramatic read, this story will keep you riveted from the beginning.

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15 April
Celine Zabel
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Customer Reviews

Lenkagrace ,

Lives shattered

I read this book from start to finish in one sitting. Celines' story is truly amazing!

Iwtkwli ,


I am from Western Australia.
A friend of mine has been through one hell of a battle with lawyers and the courts and it appears to me that it is no different here. Hers is also a long story and she is now, as a last resort taking the lawyers to court, but, you know, the club will win.
What hope is there in this crooked world.
You are one hell of a woman and I take my hat off to you, stand proud.