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Helene is a big supporter of her alma mater's football team. After their victory at the homecoming game, she decides to show them just how supportive she can be. Sneaking into the locker room after the game, she finds the quarterback in the shower. What she thought would be the sweetest of seductions, turned into something far different. More players arrive, and they take what they wanted from her. It is all Helene can to do to satisfy their animal lusts, but a girl's got to support the home team.Warning: This short-story contains extremely explicit reluctant but consensual g******g sex between adults and is intended for mature readers. If you are offended by forced deep throat, forced semen swallowing, very rough sex, rough anal sex, double penetration, or interracial sex, please don't read this story.* * * Only for 18+ adults * * *Excerpt:“Next,” Case said, palming the back of her head and shoving her at the big black man that first discovered them. “Have fun, Albert.”Helene realized then he was Albert Halsted, the team’s star offensive tackle. Albert was a few inches taller than Case, very broad with a big gut. His arms were thicker than her thighs.And he was naked, with the biggest, blackest cock she’d ever seen pointing at her.Her body clenched, shocked at the thought of something so long and thick inside her. She couldn’t image any woman being able to accommodate such a monster cock. It would hurt!“Oh no! I can’t…it’s too big,” she stammered, unable to pull her eyes away from his enormity.“Yeah it is, but I’m still going to tap that ass,” Albert said, his voice deep and bass. He easily turned her around and forced Helene to bend over. Her head was really spinning now. “I’m going to make that sweet white ass sing. Now grab your ankles and don’t let go until I’m finished.”About the Author: Cindy Sutton is not exactly the girl-next-door. She likes lipstick, stilettos, and uncompromising men who aren't afraid to take what they want. Cindy loves to read and write stories about such men, and the women who can't stay away from them.

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7 October
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