Long Lost, Masters and Mercenaries: The Forgotten, Book 4

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Publisher Description

A stolen past


The only thing Tucker remembers of his past is pain. Used in a doctor’s evil experiments, his memories and identity were erased, and his freedom taken. He believed his nightmare was over when he was liberated by the men and women of McKay-Taggart, until he heard the name Steven Reasor. The idea that he could have been involved in the terrible experiments that cost his “brothers” everything crushed him. A desperate attempt to force him to remember the truth almost cost him his life. Now his world is in chaos and his only path to finally uncover the truth and atone for his sins leads to Veronica Croft.


A painful present


Veronica “Roni” Croft knew Dr. Steven Reasor was bad for her, but she also saw a side of the man that no one else knew. Even as she began to believe their employer was hiding something sinister, she was drawn to him like a moth to a flame. Their affair was passionate and intense, but also fraught with danger. When he disappeared under mysterious circumstances, she took her first chance to run and never looked back. She has stayed hidden ever since, running from forces she knows are too powerful to overcome. But now the man she believed was dead, the man she mourned, has returned and needs her help.


A dangerous future


As Tucker and Roni unravel the secrets of his past, a dark force rises and threatens to destroy them. Their only chance for survival will require them to join forces with the Lost Boys’ worst enemy. Only together can they finally unlock Tucker’s past. But as Tucker’s memories begin to come back, will it free them both or tear them apart forever?

4 February
DLZ Entertainment LLC
DLZ Entertainment LLC

Customer Reviews

Raeleigh89 ,


Absolutely loved how Tucker’s story was tied off... beautifully executed with the little twists that tied together to reveal his identity. I got the same feels from this book that I did from Theo’s

Erin Lewis aka Maimeo's ,

Loved it

I have been waiting not so patiently for Tucker aka Steven Reasor’s story which is the fourth book in the series. Although you could read as a stand alone, I do feel that you would get more enjoyment if you were to read these books in order, which is what I personally would recommend, but that is just my opinion.

Tucker is part of a group of 6 men who were rescued by McKay Taggart, and now travel the world searching for their true identities since their memories were stolen by experimental drug testing. Each man reacts in varying ways, and for Tucker the realization that he may have assisted in stealing their memories before he had his own taken, almost destroys him.

There were times that Tucker nearly broke my heart, he lives with the guilt that has almost destroyed him and the knowledge that people have died because of his actions.

Needing to make amends, he goes in search of answers which brings him back to
Veronica “Roni” Croft.

Roni knew from the start that Steven would mean trouble for her, although I highly doubt she realized just what danger and complications he would bring into her life. She has been in hiding since Steven disappeared.

Now he has he returned as Tucker, she knows that she will do everything she can to get the men the answers they so desperately seek.

Long Lost is a fast paced story filled with suspense, danger, intrigue one that had me on the edge of my seat. Lexi Blake wove a well written story that had be fully invested from the first chapter to the last.

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