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The call comes and a strange fog falls over you. You tumble through an avalanche of emotions and thoughts. Questions and regrets invade your mind. You feel you are going to break, then find yourself stronger than you thought you would be. You go through the necessary motions. You memorialize in many ways, large and small. You find yourself deprived of sleep, and when you do sleep, you wake to the reminder that your life has changed forever. You finally begin to move back into what used to be your "life" and find that it has been rewritten and you start to notice how the loss has changed you. You miss your loved one so much that you sometimes think you can't go on, but you know that you must and that they would want you to. So, you start looking for direction, understanding, and healing.

My journey to healing had just begun when another devastating event affected my family. The very foundations of my own self identity were shaken and compromised. I have written these poems to honor my mother and to reassure myself and those I love that our sorrow was given to us to open our hearts and our eyes to our destiny. Time is ticking and if you have love in your heart, there will be more sorrow to come, for we are only of this earth until we are called. We must love now, forget the past and be ever aware of what awaits on the horizon, and always remember, whatever our earthly woes, Love Covers.

Fiction & Literature
10 February
Liz Rich
Smashwords, Inc.

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