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Love is Fear is the highly anticipated sequel to the Number One Fantasy Bestseller, Love is Darkness.

After a lot of swearing and only a little nookie, Valerie Dearborn has decided to make a change. No more lusting after Lucas, the hot, but emotionless, vampire king who can’t commit. Instead she’s going to make it work with Jack. After all, not only is he breathing, but he’s the love of her life….Isn’t he?

Valerie is an Empath, with supernatural abilities that seem to do nothing more than give her the hots for Lucas. Once upon a time, Empath’s had a purpose. They were ambassadors to the Others—Fey, Witches, Werewolves and Vampires. They could settle the emotions of a Werewolf and make Vampires feel again.

But that was long ago.

Lucas isn’t about to let Valerie go. He needs her to help him find the Fey, last seen in the Colony of Roanoke, South Carolina, circa 1587. He still believes they are the key to restoring balance to the world and the only way to keep vampires under control. They won’t trust him, but they will trust Val.
Between Jack, Lucas and Rachel, Val knows life won’t be dull. Nor will it be the normal, 2.5 kids kind of life she’s always wanted.

As their enemies close in, Val must ask herself what life is really about–trust, duty or mind-blowing orgasms? And even if she finds the answer, she may not live long enough to enjoy it.

Please note—this novel is not YA and has lots of sass, swearing and sex. Not necessarily in that order.

17 December
Caroline Hanson
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

MelbMarty ,

Love is fear

Awesome book!!!
Interesting and complex characters.
Love the witty banter. Not too much angst. Interesting storyline and unexpected twists. While there are some similarities to other paranormal series, it is still refreshingly unique. Awesome sexy scenes. Well written and well edited. Thank you!

One flaw that struck me was Lucas feeling nostalgic at torches on the castle walls. Nostalgia is a gentle emotion, based on past emotion!! He would not have felt that.
Also Val would have searched his mind more thoroughly when she finally got him to drink her blood, especially when she discovered his lies. She would have gone pillaging to find out more about his thoughts about her. She would definately have found out what that tear on his cheek meant.

Annl56 ,

As good if not better than the first.

Thanks for a great read

Naomiemac ,


Thank u for an amazing story !!!!

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