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This is the first book of the Love Story Series another wild and wicked story with a delicious mix of romance and deep passion by Lucia Jordan.

For Kelsey Daniels, living in small town Maine had been nothing short of a nightmare. Everybody knows everybody’s business. At some point, everyone takes a turn in the rumor mill. Unfortunately, thanks to some hidden secrets coming to a light over a year ago, Kelsey and her family have taken their turn in the gossip mill more times than not. She’d become a pariah, making it difficult to get the job she’d finished college for. Nobody wanted her teaching their children, thanks to the things that had happened. It didn’t matter if what the rumors said were false. The best solution was to start over where not a single person knew who she was or the shadow that followed her. There’s one thing that she just can’t seem to shake, though, and that is her inevitable bad luck. It never fails. She is always in the wrong place at the wrong time. That’s exactly what happened the first time she saw them. Twin pairs of glacial blue eyes that seemed to reach deep down in her mind and make her want to spill everything she’d ever done. It was only after they disappeared that she realized who—or what—they were. 

They were members of Cain’s Sons.

24 April
Wild Hearts Romance
Vasko Pty Ltd

Customer Reviews

I'm an avid reader ,

Two bad bikers

What a cliffhanger ending. Can't wait to see what happens.

Tfers Heros ,

Love Story - Lucia Jordan

Another great read by Lucia. Bad Bikers or good guys that is the question? What a cliffhanger!!

Aly1979 ,

Lucia Jordan - Love story

Ohh my what a great sneak peak, you've left me hanging to read the rest of the story and find out what happens :)

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