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From the New York Times bestselling author of The Blueberry Lane series comes a new trio of romances featuring the Haven triplets!

Ian Haven and Halcyon Gilbert haven't seen each other since Hallie's 17th birthday...

...the same day Hallie pledged she would never, ever speak to Ian again as long as she lived.

Hallie Gilbert has had an especially awful year. When her husband of five years left her, Hallie's 4-year-old daughter, Jenny, essentially stopped speaking. Add to this, Hallie had to sell her Boston apartment to pay her husband's exorbitant credit card bills. What Hallie needs is an uncomplicated autumn at Colby Cottage, her family's summer home in Sandwich, NH, where she and Jenny can re-group and figure out what happens next. 

But Colby Cottage, located adjacent to the Summerhaven Camp, has not been well-maintained and Hallie finds it in such disrepair, it's almost unlivable. When nearby camp owner, Rory Haven, arranges for his brother, Ian, to handle renovations for Hallie, her plans for an uncomplicated autumn suddenly get a lot more challenging.


Book #1: Fighting Irish (Rory and Brittany)
Book #2: Smiling Irish (Tierney and Burr)
Book #3: Loving Irish (Ian and Hallie)
Book #4: Catching Irish (Fin and Tate)

Fiction & Literature
11 June
Katharine Gilliam Regnery
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

Maree's reviews ,

New Beginnings

Five Amazing Stars

I was absolutely thrilled to receive the third book, The Summerhaven Trio. Written by Katy Regnery. Another most beautiful romance between Ian Haven and Halcyon Gilbert. I just adored this third novel so much!

As Ian Haven greeted the women at the front desk, Miranda Toffle at Summerhaven. She had told him that his cousin Fin was already in here. Whilst Ian was standing in the warmer water of the lake. He’d noticed the weather now was much more chiller than the water in the lake. Now that Ian was back here at Summerhaven Ian would keep busy at work with Fin.

Ian was very strong, fit worker. He although had problems with alcohol from the past. He visited his local AA meetings every week. He verylucky to have his sister, Tierney living nearby. He could have dinner with her and her partner Burr. He was so lucky his sister. She had cared for him from the start. Ian had now won his journey finally. He hadn’t had alcohol for a very long time now. He succeeded from his alcohol battle altogether now.

Walking amongst these beautiful homes and cottages surrounding Summerhaven Ian noticed one particular home which was originally being sold wasn’t anymore. He now just wonders who bought the Colby Cottage.

Knowing now that Hallie was visiting for the upcoming wedding for Rory and Brittany. Ian was now just so nervous now that she will be here. Memories from the last time he saw her were so strong. They have grown a lot over then ten years of time. Ian just didn’t known what to think now.

I completely adored this both marvellous and magical romance. I absolutely enjoyed it so much. Such beautiful and loving character throughout. It was simply such a most wonderful classical love story. I simply loved it so dearly. Congratulations Katy Regnery!!

I recommend this book to everyone!!

Erin Lewis aka Maimeo's ,

Loved it

This is Ian Haven and Hallie Gilbert’s story and is the third and final book in the trilogy and what a way to finish. Ian is the black sheep of the family and yet I really loved him.

Loving Irish is a second chance at love story which is fast becoming one of my favourite types of book to read. Ian and Hallie have not seen each other since they were 17 and to say Hallie is bitter is the understatement of the year.

Life has not been kind to either Ian or Hallie. Ian is a recovering alcoholic who has failed to remain sober time and again causing his family a lot of worry. Thankfully he seems to have turned his life around and is now sober and attending meetings.

Hallie is divorced and bankrupt thanks to her ex husband’s debts and returns to her family’s cabin with her daughter, Jenny to lick her wounds and try and sort out their future. She is shocked when she finds the cabin to be in need of repairs and struggles when Ian is charged with doing the repairs.

Ian and her daughter have an almost instant connection that Hallie really struggles with due to their past history. I found the relationship between Ian and Jenny endearing and in fact Jenny almost stole the book for me.

Loving Irish certainly dealt with some heavy topics and they were handled extremely well by Ms. Regnery. This was one of those books that grabbed me from the start and never let me go; what a terrific read Loving Irish was.

As I have come to expect from a book by Katy Regnery, the writing was outstanding, the camaraderie and relationships that Ian has with his family was realistic and heart warming.

Loving Irish was a beautifully written, romantic story and all in all this made for a great read that I highly recommend.

Will Ian and Hallie be able to get over their history and take a leap of faith and face the future together or will life tear them apart again? One click now and find out.

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