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This book is about four stories all with one thing in common, they are blended families. All four families face different issues and challenges with making their family work. All four couples are introduced to the MAPS (Marriage and Parenting Success) program. The Marriage and Parenting Success program is a faith based program that is especially for families who face challenges in Step-Parenting. Each story has a twist resulting in each leading lady to come to their own, harsh realization of the demon they hold which is tearing their marriages and families apart. Through the MAPS program, each woman will recognize the weakness within themselves and/or their home and will make a change, but not all the families make it. This book is pure entertainment with a spiritual message.

Karen marries Melvin bringing her daughter Gina from a previous relationship. The both of them together make a beautiful couple but Karen is the only one parenting Gina. Karen’s ex, Juan, decides after 15 years of being absent from Gina’s life, he now wants to be a father to Gina and believes he can build a relationship with Gina after 15 years. Juan coming back into the picture raises issues of hurt from Melvin, which begins to put stress on his marriage to Karen. With strain on their marriage, they both get counseling from the MAPS program.

Addison doesn't have kids and marries Terrance who has one son. Addison enters the marriage with the idea of being a wife but not thinking about being a mother. Terrance is frustrated with the fact Addison has put forth no effort to create a bond with his son, Junior. Desperately wanting his marriage to work and provide a mother for his son, Terrance seeks counseling in the MAPS program. Addison begins to realize that her true anger is the reason she does not want to build a relationship with Junior. Understanding the difficulties of her marriage and not being a mother to Junior she goes to the MAPS program with Terrance.

Christine has a twelve year old son, Kevin, but marries Tony who does not want kids in the picture. She walks away from motherhood to have her rich married life. Three years into her marriage Christine gets pregnant and to her surprise Tony wants to keep the baby. The birth of their baby girl forces Christine to think about the son she left behind for her mother to raise. Deciding the marriage maybe over, she and Tony go to counseling in the MAPS program.

Rose has twin boys, Darrell & Darren. She marries Richie who has a son, Nicholas, from his first marriage and he makes sure his son is well taken care of while at the same time confirms to the world that Rose’s kids are not his. Rose begs Richie to go to counseling in the MAPS program.

Fiction & Literature
5 February
India King-Hamilton
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