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Blissfully shallow and carefree, Kate Chastain was your typical twenty something college co-ed. Well, until reality gave her a wake-up call in the form of a diploma, that is. At a crossroads after graduation, a serendipitous coincidence convinced Kate to abandon life as she knew it and jump feet first into the world of working on mega yachts. At first, she stumbled her way through life as a stewardess, just trying to adjust to her new surroundings and clumsily ‘learning the ropes’ via trial and error.  Like s**t-tons of error.  But now, nearly ten years and a hit reality show later, Kate is finally ready to share the good, the bad, and the downright shocking details about her life at sea with the world’s most rich and famous.

It was the summer of 2008 and we were anchored off of St.Tropez. I had only been a yachtie for two seasons when I turned to the Captain’s wife, and said, “You know, I could write a book about all of the insane things we see working on these boats…..the sex, the money, the celebrities….”

 My older, more experienced coworker rolled her eyes and laughed. She was quick to dismiss my idea, “Kate, of course we could all write a book about what happens on yachts.  Everyone has said the same thing for years…..but, if you actually did that. If you wrote about what really goes on, you would never get hired on another yacht again. ” 

She went back to polishing the crystal wine glass in her hand and I was confused for a second.

“But Stacie, if so many people found out about tmy book that I couldn’t get a yacht job, I wouldn't really need one."

5 December
Kate Chastain
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Customer Reviews

KendallN08 ,

... a day and a half of reading bliss...

Thank you Kate for such a wonderful memoir of your early days... Reading your book was like I was literally transported below deck with you... Now that I’ve finished your book and have been jolted back to reality, I have 2 days worth of washing to catch up on... 😩

Natashagirl Sydney ,

Exciting through and through

Beautifully written, witty, and points out the downs as well as the ups of yachting. But most of all it shows the determination of a young woman determined to follow her dreams no matter what challenges she came up against, a great read !!!

Jessobear81 ,

Great read

I read this book being a fan of the Tv show and I could not put it down.
I found myself laughing out loud often, Kate is a very funny girl on screen and in writing.
I highly recommend this book.