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New, updated edition 2019. Certified Relationship coach Dr. Lyn Kelley tells you how to rate men on the “lying/cheating scale.” She explains why men lie and cheat, how to know if he’s lying or cheating, how to know if he can change and how to respond to it. She will help you understand antisocial personality, why it’s so hard to leave a cheater, how to know if you should leave him, and how to know if he can change. Here’s what you’ll get:
•Why women get hooked on lying, cheating men
•Top 10 ways to know if he’s cheating
•Tactics men use to “con” you
•How to know if he can change
•How to respond to lying and cheating
•How to get off the emotional roller coaster
•The 10 most effective ways to handle lying and cheating
•Antisocial Personality
•How will I know if He’s lying or cheating?
•Questions to ask him
•How will I know if I can trust him?
•Do not date anyone who you know has these 5 issues
•How lying, cheating men affect your self esteem
•It starts with disrespect
•How to get off the emotional roller coaster
•Why is it so hard to leave a cheater?
•Emotional detachment
•Where does he fit on the lying/cheating scale?
•Why do men cheat?
•Is using pornography, phone sex, etc., considered cheating?
•Tactics lying/cheating men use to con you
•Top 10 ways to know if he’s cheating
•Can he change? Can he be helped?
•What if I suspect but don’t know for sure?
•How to confront lying and cheating
•How to stop being so nice and use your power
•How do I know if I should leave him?
•How to end it when you know he’s not good for you
•How to re-establish trust

Body, Mind & Spirit
15 May
Lyn Kelley
Smashwords, Inc.

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Vetto888 ,

Cheating men

Loved this book it has some really solid advice that could change my life,love and relationships thankyou

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