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The Great Wedding Giveaway - Book 9 

Everyone in Marietta, Montana, is in love and getting married - at least that’s the way it feels to Andie Bennett the night of the Valentine’s Ball. As she watches the man she’s loved from afar for half her life dance with another woman, Andie allows herself a moment of sheer fantasy as she fills out a stray entry form for the Great Wedding Giveaway. Andie channels years of fantasy and yearning for Heath McGregor onto the page, but she never intends to actually enter the Giveaway. Only a crazy woman would do that. But fate has other ideas…. 

When Heath learns he and Andie are last minute finalists in the Great Wedding Giveaway, he’s completely baffled. How on earth could anyone make such a ridiculous mistake? When it becomes clear that Andie will be humiliated if the slip-up becomes public, Heath does what any good friend would - he suggests they pretend the engagement is real until the Giveaway is over and then quietly “break up” when no one is paying any attention. It’s the perfect solution, except Heath very quickly realises that pretending Andie is his is no hardship at all. In fact, it may just be the best thing that’s ever happened to him…

28 July
Tule Publishing
Tule Publishing Inc.

Customer Reviews

ICF1026 ,

Sweet and short

Highly recommended for a light reading. The characters- Heath and Andie are loveable.

Tygerjo ,

Love it!

I love how down to earth this book is, and how it actually feels like it could happen.

Lorraineb3 ,

Sweet enjoyable read

This a beautiful read about Andie who loved Heath for most of her life and he was unaware of it. Andie enters a wedding competition by accident and become a finalist with Heath. Heath finally sees Andie for the beautiful women she is and realises he has fallen in love with her. HEA great read

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