Mastery 101: The Manual Mastery 101: The Manual

Mastery 101: The Manual

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Dr. Robert Phillips has dedicated his career as a psychotherapist, or “counsellor to women” as he calls himself, helping sexually submissive women achieve their full potential. Over the years he had learned that submissiveness—the innate intense need to give up control in intimate relationships—is, like left-handedness or homosexuality, a personality trait with which a woman either is born or she isn’t. It is not something that can be learned or practiced out of the desire for “kinky” sex. A submissive woman may discover who she is (i.e., that she is submissive) at any point in her life, or she may never realize it. Rob also understands that such women often have a very hard time learning to deal with their submissiveness, and frequently try to suppress it. In so doing, he knows that they miss out on one of the greatest gifts that Mother Nature has to offer. It has been his mission to help his submissive clients learn to celebrate this gift and to make the most of it in loving relationships.

Mastery 101: The Manual, which is intensely erotic without being vulgar, takes place over a few-week period in Rob Phillips’ life. In ten chapters, he deals with clients and their problems and with what he believes is his greatest professional achievement: Mastery 101 is a course that Rob has developed for dominants—men and women who possess the sexual dominance personality trait—but who have insufficient experience with submissive women to understand how to best deal with them. We see in some detail the development and activities of several individuals, including Rob himself, and of a number of intimate relationships. In chapters dealing with Mastery 101, the reader will find a substantial degree of attention paid to the Dominant/submissive Contract (including an Appendix in which such a contract is presented) and will have a seat in a Seminar on Ritual—so important in many D/s relationships. One such ritual, described in great detail, is a D/s wedding ceremony. The surprising conclusion of this orgasm-inducing novel demonstrates the complexity of D/s relationships and the individuals involved in them.

If Mastery 101: The Manual (67,000 words) manages to capture the target reader—women who are, or believe they may be, sexually submissive, and those who love or are excited by such women and their lives—then the novel will have met the author’s objective.

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1 October
Jud Ormond
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