Mating the Omega Mating the Omega
Book 1 - Mooncrest Pack

Mating the Omega

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Mated to three large alpha shifters?

No way, Leah decides. She might be an omega, but who says she needs to follow every dust-covered tradition?

She would rather work on her studies than count male abs. Particularly when those abs belong to three of her uncle’s most intimidating enforcers.

Not to forget that the men are probably more size-proportioned than any woman could wish for.

Unfortunately, her uncle is also the Alpha, the pack leader. And he has too many unmated males to deal with.

Still, Leah refuses to solve the Alpha’s ‘problem’.

Particularly not when she learns that her fated mate is her childhood tormentor - and he wants to share her with two of his friends.


“Mating the Omega” is a steamy hot Taboo Dubcon MMMF Erotic Wolf Shifter Romance. Full length, explicit sex scenes, standalone, no cheating or cliffhangers - and Happily Ever After.

Reader advisory: This story contains elements of non-consensual sex, strong language, suicide thoughts and very explicit sex scenes including anal sex.

Themes: Reverse Harem, Enemies to lovers, Happily ever after, Opposites attract, Alpha male, Unrequited love, Matchmaker, Accidental pregnancy, Arranged marriage, Love triangle, Menage, Protector, Return to hometown, Wolf shifter, Pack life, Omega, Alpha

NOTE: The cover has been changed, but the content remains the same.



The next morning, Leah tried to stick to her usual routines and ignore what had happened yesterday. It wasn’t a great success. Her mind seemed to be constantly churning on how she could avoid her fate. But so far, no good ideas had come forward. She needed to calm down. That would help her mind work more efficiently.

But even a long, warm shower had failed to calm her nerves. She dried her hair and got dressed. Taking some comfort in doing what she always did in the morning. There had to be a way out of this mess. Some miracle that would restore her life to normal and wake her up from this nightmare.

As she left the bathroom, Leah heard her mother call from the story below her.



"There's someone here to see you."


"Come down and see for yourself, dear."

Leah had a strong suspicion who it might be. Taren. Otherwise, her mother would have said so.

She had briefly told her mother what her uncle had ordered her to do. Her mother had seemed relieved, but she hadn’t nagged about it. Instead, she had kept her questions to a minimum, as if she sensed Leah was too shocked to want to talk about it. In fact, she didn’t even want to think or talk about the mating. She wanted to forget the whole thing. But the people around her wouldn’t forget. Particularly not if her so-called mate would become a frequent visitor to her house.

Leah heard muttered voices coming from the living room as she moved closer. Fearing the meeting, yet it was better to know. She stood in the doorway and looked inside. At the same time, they stopped talking and turned their attention to her. Even if she had moved silently, it felt like she had barged in.

Leah stiffened when she saw Taren wasn’t the only visitor. Three large men towered over her mother. Each of them so large and broad, their living room suddenly felt tiny. Their faces turned to her. Leah felt their eyes scan her entire body from top to toe. As if they were weighing her, judging her.


12 December
Ada Stuart
Draft2Digital, LLC

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