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Mattress Actress is the story of Annika Cleeve's eighteen years as a sex worker.

Her troubled childhood in Queensland led to working in a brothel on the Sunshine Coast at the age of fifteen, and from there Annika worked her way up to the high-end parlours, agencies and private work in various parts of Australia and internationally.

In this book Annika reveals the truth of a sex worker's life; the clients, the

girls, the parlour bosses, the rip-off merchants, the drug deaths, the white slavery, the discrimination, the corrupt police and politicians, the exotic travel and the money.

Mattress Actress is a revealing and gutsy look at someone practising the world's oldest profession in the late twentieth century. From wide-eyed innocent to experienced and successful professional, Annika's story is both shocking and highly entertaining.

"Annika Cleeve is not her real name but this is her real story: a raw and honest account of life in the raw as a new recruit to the oldest profession." – Andrew Rule

Also published as Eve: Confessions of an International Call Girl by Monsoon Books

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15 September
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Customer Reviews

Helen Camille ,


I couldn't put this book down, it was brutally truthful,witty and charismatic all rolled into one. I don't think I have ever read a book and felt every emotion through and through, I fist pumped the air when she had a little win, I got angry every time some hurt her, I teared up when it was all a devastating pile of chaos. As the old questions go "if you could have anyone at your dinner party who would it be?" My answer Annika and Richard Branson! Thank you Annika for putting your life's work out there, you are brave,strong and you are defiantly loveable!

Wid89 ,


This book is truly the best written book I've read, I felt apart of anneka the whole time as if I were there.

Mintiz488 ,


This book is truly amazing & written by a very courageous & strong woman!
I related so well to Annika's abuse, being a child sexual abuse victim for 8years, I've struggled sexually with my partner. But thanks to Annika, I found an inner peace and learnt it was MY body, I learnt to have fantasy & desires and not harm myself for having them. I've come along way since then.
You can have your names for her and call her awful. But to me, she was the best damn psychologist I ever had!
Must read for all SURVIVORS!!