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All of us are aware of the importance of sound. We communicate with each other by sound and sound has various effects on us. Good musical sounds or sweet words please us and harsh words or jarring noises annoy us. The world of communication is built significantly on sound, and speech plays a significant role in our learning, interaction and working world.
Yet there is another aspect of sound that merits special mention namely spiritual sound. Material sounds describe, name or indicate an object or person but such sound is not the person or object itself. But the special significance of spiritual sound is that spiritual sound is the real substance itself. The reality is full of love and bliss. We can thus contact reality by meditation by spiritual sound and experience love and bliss. In this book the author describes the practice of meditation by spiritual sound that can help us attain peace, love and bliss.
Every one of us wants peace, love, happiness and pleasure. We want to live permanently without birth, disease, old age and death. And we want to live in bliss, ecstasy and love. Why is it so? Because actually we are spiritual persons. As spiritual persons it is our nature to live eternally and in bliss. We are seeking our normal natural healthy life of permanence and bliss. Presently we are covered by a material body due to our impure consciousness because of which we are subject to birth, disease, old age, death and misery. Our present conditional life is an abnormal diseased condition of life.
The aim of meditation is to purify our minds and consciousness and thus reinstate us in our normal natural healthy life of permanence and bliss. Meditation purifies our mind thus bringing us peace and happiness. As the mode of goodness increases in our mind our consciousness becomes clear. Meditation increases our memory, mental strength and stamina. Thus we become more efficient in our daily tasks as our mind is the chief agent with which we function. A healthy mind is also conducive to a healthy body.
Topics included are:
Get started
The mind – theory
Meditation by spiritual sound
– practice of bhakti yoga
The liberation of Ajamil
– a tale from Purana

Body, Mind & Spirit
23 July
Vimal Sehgal
Smashwords, Inc.

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