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Six lives, six couples, six passionate encounters.
For the first time, enjoy the whole Meeting Each Other series in one, single volume.

This collection contains:

Vicki & Lara
At the close of her birthday party, Vicki says goodnight to those staying over and returns to her room. While she knows her best friend, Lara, will be there, she doesn’t expect to find her lying beneath the sheets naked and drunk.
With the breakup between herself and her boyfriend Malcolm still at the forefront of her mind, Vicki isn’t ready for another relationship. But, as she looks at Lara, even in her drunk and babbling state, she realises that while her head may not be ready for it, her heart has other ideas.
Now is the time that Vicki must choose whether she will hide forever from what she truly wants, or if she will take the risk to turn a strong and beautiful friendship into something more.

Carol, Niall & Lin
All relationships get a little stale after a while. Carol’s relationship with her boyfriend is no exception. Ten years is a long time to spend with the same person and she longs to bring a spark back to their sex life. But is a threesome one step too far?
At the close of Vicki's birthday party, both she and Niall are in no state to drive. They choose to spend the night in Vicki's living room with Lin, a woman eager to join them in bed. Finally left to their own devices, the crucial moment approaches in which Carol must decide if she is able to share Niall with a stranger.

Parties are made for pulling. That is a universal truth as far as Bill is concerned. But when Simone avoids his every advance and frustration sets in, Bill turns to the one thing he knows will help ease the ache in his boxers.
The Internet.
Despite his high hopes he finds little relief in the poor selection of porn on offer and turns to his own DVDs. Even these are boring and unsexy and Bill faces a night alone and unsatisfied until his ex-girlfriend Hiral invites him to an online webchat.

Eric & Morgan
Returning home from Vicki’s birthday party, Eric is frustrated and weary. Spending the night trying to evade unwelcome advances is not how he hoped to spend his time. He shares his story with Morgan who comforts him and leads him upstairs for a sexy treat that will soon make Eric forget all his troubles. A treat that starts with dessert in the form of a delicious serving of strawberries and cream.

Simone & Mr Bradford
Doubting oneself is a part of life but Simone isn’t used to feeling unattractive. Back at work after the weekend’s unsuccessful attempts to pull, Simone looks for ways to give vent to her sexual frustrations and remind herself that she is attractive enough to sleep with.
Enter Mr Bradford: MD and resident miserable bastard.
Caught out in the stationery cupboard, Simone now has the chance to kill two birds with one stone, an opportunity for which she is grateful, except for three minor details. Mr Bradford is her boss. Mr Bradford is married. And Mr Bradford is (much) older than her usual conquests.

Malcolm didn’t want to dump his girlfriend Vicki. Not really. But the relationship didn’t suit either of them and a visit to a local fetish club only serves to highlight that fact.
Malcolm needs more. Much more.
At the club he meets Christina, a Domme in the market for new playmates. Though she is keen to show him what she can do, Malcolm must first put aside his discomfort and fears. Can he submit to this new, blonde Domme long enough to discover the truth about what he really needs?

Bonus Story: Lara
A broken heart is one thing, but living in misery and denial is another. The time has come for Lara to take the biggest step of her life and reveal her true feelings before someone else beats her to it.

This sexy short story collection includes each story previously released as a single volume. Six great stories, one super low price.

Fiction & Literature
1 March
Little Vamp Press
Smashwords, Inc.

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