Mind Control Manual: Vital Concepts About Mind Control, Cults and Psychopaths

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Publisher Description

The Mind Control Manual is written specifically for people in these situations:
- You are realizing that the group you are in may be a cult or may be bad for you and you want or need more information to help you sort out all the contradictory feelings and thoughts you are having.
- You know you were in a cult or an abusive group and you have left but you are still having difficulties because of it.
- You have realized that you are in an abusive relationship with a psychopath or a narcissist and are trying to make sense of what is going on (think of the relationship as a cult with 2 people in it)
- You have left an abusive relationship but it seems that your ex partner is still running your life and you don't know what to do to stop the abuse.
- You have realized that there is a narcissist or psychopath in your workplace and it's affecting your work and even your home life.
- You have a friend or a family member in one of the above situations and you want to help and you realize that knowing more about what is going on is the best thing you can do.

This book takes you through the recruiting process of cults and manipulators, the techniques they use to fool you and get you interested in them. It explains how they change your personality and change your thoughts and behaviors through emotional manipulation.

The Mind Control Manual exposes the trickery that cults, psychopaths and narcissists use to lead people along a path, step by step, which benefits the leaders to the detriment of the followers, all the while these very followers believe they are choosing the best option they have in their lives.

Many people have read about psychopaths, narcissists, controlling relationships and domestic abuse already and they recognize lots of things in their situation. When they realize that there was mind control involved, this adds a whole new dimension for them.
It's like having the missing piece of a puzzle that ties everything together. For some it provides a different framework and using this frame allows them to understand more fully what has been happening in their lives.

The Mind Control Manual explains things such as:
- Why going 'no contact' is so difficult and what to do about it
- How they caught you
- Do the manipulators know what they are doing?
- Why you feel so attached to this person that you know is treating you badly
- Whether this person actually cares about you or not
- How they can do such cruel and hurtful things
- How and why they change your personality
- Why you still have problems even after getting out of the group or the relationship
- How come you have so much fear and/or guilt
- Why you have difficulty deciding about the simplest of things
- How those problems with work, relationships and socializing are related to the abuse
- How any problems with memory, concentration, anxiety, sleep and trust issues are also part and parcel of the mind control
- How and why it's not your fault, why you are not to blame for what happened.
- And how to make sure that you don't get caught again

Body, Mind & Spirit
15 June
Dr. David Mc Dermott
Draft2Digital, LLC

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