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Cooking delicious low carbohydrate meals in the Thermomix has never been easier with the alyce alexandra miniseries: low carb. This book inspires you to cook mouth-watering meals that everyone will love, while also improving the health of you and your family.

With almost every recipe being gluten free, miniseries: low carb is also a great resource for people with gluten sensitivities. There are also many variations to cater for a wide variety of eating preferences – from vegetarian to dairy free. The nutritional information per serving is also provided for each recipe to support people following specific diets.

Continuing the precedent set by alyce alexandra’s first publication, Quick Fix in the Thermomix, this cookbook contains easy to follow formatting and symbols, plus informative tips on cooking, recipe variations and health. Every recipe is accompanied by a full page colour photograph to guide and inspire you, with dishes that can be faithfully recreated in your kitchen. 

Give yourself or someone else the gift of inspiring recipes and new approaches to cooking with books from the miniseries collection.

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5 November
Alyce alexandra
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Customer Reviews

Chimp feet ,


The problem with most Thermomix books is they try too hard to be different. I need low carb recipes I can feed a family, not fancy prawn soups. You really can't put garlic butter and cheese sauce under 'dinner'. Not enough in this book for the price.

Thermopolly ,

Low Carb recipes made tasty

Another fantastic book from the Alyce Alexandra team. If you thought low carb recipes were boring or not interesting then this is the book for you and your Thermomix. There are some really tasty recipes in this book, try the chicken puttanesca, yum. As usual with Alyce's books, the recipes are easy to follow, not over complicated or too many ingredients and work every time. Try it, you'll love it...

Cleo Annabel ,

Great diet book

Love these recipes to loose weight!

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