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Life’s events want always come with choices. Jenny 25, is determine to keep the family home and lighthouse. She remembers the good events, but the unfortunate events. She remembers the most as she dealt with the death of her mother at fourteen. She gained strength to move forward. However, a failed relationship two years ago, shamed her. She promised herself to never enter into a relationship with a younger or older man or any man until Michael Scott becomes her next event.

Michael Scott 40, a true Coast Guard, but he conceals his off duty playboy lifestyle. He inherited money from the death of his parents, but money didn’t stop him. He enjoyed his advantage with wealthy women as they paid the price for his passion. His own shame until a year ago. He took on a mission and lost a little girl’s mother in a violent ocean storm. His shame and sorrow changed his lifestyle as he takes on a new mission. He is to restore a lighthouse in accordance to the rule and regulations or shut it down. He hopes this time away from the ocean’s storms will give him time to forgive himself. He wants a new life, and family. However, at his age that's a dream until Jenny becomes his next mission.

Michael’s arrival builds tension. Jenny is attracted to Michael, but his demanding sergeant ways and intelligent words, overwhelms her. She controls her emotions for she knows, he is a stallion waiting for his rider, and she is not the one. Besides, he is an older man. However, she finds him nude, tanning in her lounge-chair. She dares not tell him, she is attractive to him. She over hears a conversation with his girlfriend. Jenny is in love with Michael as she teases him with intentions for desires, but fails.
However, Michael likes Jenny’s opinions, but she is hardheaded with a heart to love, but too young. Together they repair the lighthouse. And Michael is all business, but he does tease her with a wink or two. He dares not tell her, he is attractive to her. Besides, he is too old and he has shame.

Everyday, different emotions for both as they disagree, cry, laugh, with embarrassing moments as passion flares.

Michael asked Jenny to hold onto his girlfriends engagement ring as a hurricane moves in. Now, Michael’s mission is to rescue a boy.
Life events changes again as Jenny doesn’t have time to tell Micheal. She is the right girl for him and she loves him as she holds the engagement ring for another woman.
Jenny listens to the broadcast coming from the helicopter. Michael saves the boy. However, the helicopter is low on fuel and Michael is left behind. Everyone fears he is dead as the mission is aborted

“Will Michael return and who will receive the engagement ring?”

Who will Michael embraced in the “Mist of Passion?”

6 June
Summer Hill
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