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Todd Seaward is a widower at sixty-nine years old and feels blessed to have inherited a handful and colourful set of friends in his new residential home, Misty Falls. For the first few months in the nursing home, he has made some wonderful friends and although he still pines for his first love, Emily, he feels that his newfound pals, nicknamed, The Healthy Gang, has been the saviour of him, especially his very good friend, Grace Guerra.

As soon as Todd finds his feet and is used to the surroundings and staff, he finds that all this changes with the arrival of new carer, Joseph File, nicknamed, Hopper. It is apparent to all residents that Joseph File is a short tempered individual who has no qualities for the job and is only using Misty Falls as a stop-gap until something better comes along. What the residents don't know about Hopper is that there is a dark side to the forty-year-old male.

After an incident in their friend's room, Todd Seaward and his good friend, Don Swain, upset Hopper and begin to experience this 'dark side' to Joseph File, and the pair of them are subjected to months of infrequent physical abuse from the carer, verbal taunting and other despicable acts. But what Joseph File—Hopper—doesn't know about Todd's good friend, Don Swain, is that he has an unexplainable gift, a gift that he has kept a secret all his life. And this is a gift that is capable of ending all their troubles. But will he use it?

Because Hopper is angered by Todd Seaward and Don Swain after what had happened in the room, the two senior citizens keep Hopper's violent outbursts to themselves in order not to worry the rest of The Healthy Gang or the rest of Misty Falls, as they know that complaining to the management, who are obsessed in keeping the good name of Misty Falls, would be pointless as they have a history of sweeping complaints under the carpet.

This is a sad tale about abuse, love, unexplained events, and also has some funny moments, as well as some extremely sombre ones. The Healthy Gang experience all of these in their short time at Misty Falls, and their stay is soured by some of the events that takes place.

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16 June
Shaun Whittington
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