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Mills & Boon Modern — Escape to exotic locations where passion knows no bounds.

The Billion-Dollar Bride Hunt - Melanie Milburne
What if the woman he wants…is the one finding his bride?
When Matteo Vitale strides into matchmaker Emmaline Woodcroft’s office, he has an unusual request. He must marry and father an heir if he’s to inherit his family estate. After his first marriage ended tragically, what he needs is a wife who isn’t looking for love! To understand her enigmatic client, Emmie accepts an invitation to his Italian villa. As she gets closer to the real Matteo, for once, she gives in to desire. The trouble is, Emmie knows she can’t be the bride Matteo’s looking for…

Secrets of Cinderella’s Awakening - Sharon Kendrick

A night under the Greek sky…with a seriously sexy stranger!

Marnie Porter craves an escape from the long hours at a luxury spa in Greece where she’s working to help support her sister. And she may just have found it with one devastatingly handsome man — unaware he’s billionaire businessman, Leonidas Kanonidou! Cynical Leon believes it’s better to keep his distance from innocent Marnie, yet discovering his Cinderella needs urgent financial help prompts him to make a proposition. One with mutual benefits, including exploring her unleashed passion even as it threatens to incinerate his barriers…

The Innocent Carrying His Legacy - Jackie Ashenden

From desert warlord, to surprise father!

Children? Not for illegitimate Sheikh Nazir Al Rasul, whose desert fortress is less intimidating than his barricaded heart. Until Ivy Dean appears on his doorstep…and he finds out that, through IVF, she’s bearing his heir! Surrogate Ivy agreed to carry her best friend’s baby. Then tragedy forces her to seek out the child’s biological father. But when Nazir insists on her hand in marriage, she’s shocked. Always unwanted, virgin Ivy didn’t see a family in her future…much less with an iron-hearted husband who makes her burn dangerously hot!

My Forbidden Royal Fling - Clare Connelly

My deal with the billionaire…just got complicated!

As Crown Princess of Marlsdoven I was taught honour, resilience, leadership…yet now I’m sitting in front of the most infuriatingly determined and sexy man, completely lost for words! Santiago del Almodovár wants to build his sordid casino on my land? Well, it’s my duty to protect my citizens! But every syllable he utters awakens a raging hunger inside of me. Now he’s demanding I go to Spain with him — alone — to see his empire and prove I’m wrong. Ruling a nation may be hard, but denying our chemistry? Unthinkable!

16 June
Mills & Boon Modern
HarperCollins Australia Pty Limited

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